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TP8 Telephone Pickup

Simple to Use...

TP8 Telephone Recorder / Close Speaking Microphone 
Inner Ear system, suitable for mobile phones and Digital Voice Recorders.

To use; plug the TP8 into the microphone jack on the DVR. Place the earphone into the ear, set the DVR into record mode; place the phone/handset across the same ear to allow both voices to be recorded.

The TP8 can also be used as a "close speaking" microphone (when plugged into the microphone jack on the DVR). 

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TP8 Telephone Recorder
SKU: AD0322
Stock: 3 In Stock

Colour: Black
Cord Length: 1.5m
Jack Plug 3.5mm monaural

Accessories supplied:
3 x ear pieces (small, medium, large)