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Compact Recording with BIG results

Outstanding record quality with TRESMIC 3 Microphones, multiple playback options and direct USB connection for easy downloading of files.

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TRESMIC 3 microphone system for superior sound

The DM-720 features a 3-microphone “TRESMIC” system, which includes two directional microphones positioned at a 90 degree layout for enhanced stereo sound, and an omni-directional microphone at the center to faithfully capture the depth and fullness of sound. When the omni-directional center microphone is on, frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz are picked up (60Hz to 20kHz when off), compensating for low-range sounds.

An impressive array of playback functions

The Voice Playback feature lets you skip "non-voice" portions of any recording and playback only the parts of the recording with voice. This allows for efficient playback and transcription of meetings and interviews.

When recording meetings in large rooms, the record levels of each sound tend to vary; even in these cases, the Voice Balancer function adjusts the volume levels of all speakers to an even level so that it is easy to hear everything during playback.

High-quality metal body with clip stand attachment

The attraction of the DM-720 is not simply in its recording and playback functionality, it also features high-quality design and texture. An extensive range of advanced functions packed into the compact body and enclosed in a high-class metal casing.

The recorder also comes with a clip stand attachment which can be attached to your pocket or notebook as a clip, or it can be used as a stand to reduce noise when the recorder is placed directly on a table top.

Direct PC connection for convenient data storage
and battery charging

The DM-720 has a built-in USB connector to connect directly to a computer by sliding out the USB plug. Not only can you easily save and share your recordings without the need for cables or software, you can also recharge the recorder with having to remove the batteries from the device.

The recorder can also be used as a USB memory device. 

  • DM-720 Digital Recorder
  • AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable battery
  • Stand Clip
  • Instruction Manual 
                 DM-720               LS-P4                 LS-20M
                   $249               $399                    $499
Internal Memory (built-in) 4GB 8GB  
External Memory (supplied)     2GB SD Card
External Memory Options microSD microSD  
Operation Button Button Button
File Format PCM (Wav) / MP3 PCM (Wav)/MP3/FLAC MP3, PCM (Wav), MOV
PC Connection USB Direct USB Direct USB Cable
Remote Control Option   Smartphone App (Android)  
Edit Files Yes Yes  
Index Marking Yes Yes  
Maximum Record Time 985hrs 253 hrs 16hrs
Hold / Transit Lock Yes Yes Yes
Record Indicator Light Yes Yes Yes
Folders x5 x5 x5
Battery Meter Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Compatible   Yes  
Battery Charge (Internal) Yes Yes Yes
TRESMIC System Yes Yes  
Stereo Microphone Yes   Yes
Anti-Rustle Filter      
Calendar Search Yes Yes  
Microphone Settings Hi/Mid/Low/Auto Hi/Mid/Low/Auto Auto/Manual
VCVA Voice Activation Yes Yes  
Adjustable Playback Speed Yes Yes  
Timer Recording Yes    
Graphic Equaliser     Yes
Voice Guidance Yes Yes  
Microphone Jack 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Earphone Jack 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Weight (including batteries) 72g 75g 154g
Batteries Supplied Ni-MH Rechargeable Ni-MH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Rechargeable
Size: H x W x D (mm) 106x40x14mm 109×40×15mm 135x63x18mm
Special Notes Stand Clip Supplied Tri-Pod Adaptor Music & Movies