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Overview & General Info

Olympus Smartphone App
Overview & General Info


Country of Registration

  • We can only support New Zealand registrations.
    If you selected a different country during Registration, unfortunately your account will not appear in our management portal and we are unable to assist you.

    It should be noted that having your registration in another country may become problematic for renewals as you will need to contact the “Dealer” to whom your account has been allocated to, to remit payment for future license renewals.

    It should be noted that you can change your country of registration by logging into your portal
    Select Account (Top Navigation Bar) >> Country >> Dealer 

Transfer of Dealer (supplier)

  • On request we can transfer the management of your NZ registration to your preferred supplier (Dealer) providing they are an Authorised ODDS Reseller. 
    - Please email your request to:

 Dealer Management of your Portal

  • In your portal settings, you can ‘Tick’ this option to allow your Dealer to make changes to your settings.
    - It should be noted that Dealer Management does not allow your dealer to order or cancel licenses for you.

60 Day Free Trial

  • If you are considering using the Olympus Smartphone App for your dictation needs, then we encourage you to setup a 60 Day Free Trial.  This enables you to use a fully licensed version so you can enjoy the many benefits that it offers.  Use our online form to provide your details.

Ordering Licenses

  • Renewals
    If you selected “Purchase license(s) annually" the portal will automatically send your order to us.  
    - It is our companies policy to notify you that we received the order and to request payment for the license(s).

    If you did not select this option, then you will need to login to your Account (via the portal) and place an order for a “Renewal” license.
  • New Licenses (adding users to your Portal)
    Login into your Account (via the portal) and place an order for a “New” license.
    Once issued you can setup a new user and allocate them the new license or allocate to another user.
  • Transferring License(s)
    At your discretion you can transfer a license by editing the user’s details.
    Login to your Account (via the portal), select the author to be removed and select edit. 
    You will need to enter the new Authors details AND provide that Author with their Smartphone setup instructions.
    - It's important to make sure the same setup passwords are used; view our "example" Smartphone Setup for guidance.

  • Payment of Licenses
    Available online at | Cost is $155.65+gst / $179 Inclusive

  • Migrating a Trial License to an Annual License 
    If you choose to purchase a 12month License on completion of your trial, then you will need to "migrate" your Trial License settings to the new Annual License, which will be issued on receipt of payment. It's a simple process, view our quick guide for assistance.

  • Issuing License(s)
    The portal only allows us to issue the total number of licenses ordered.
    If for some reason you have duplicated an order, or your portal is showing a different number of licenses than required, then you will need to cancel theses order(s) and reorder the correct quantity.
  • Cancellation of Licenses
    Licenses cannot be returned or refunded once they have been issued.

More details and Frequently Asked Questions click here