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Firmware Updates

Find the latest firmware updates for your Hardware & Devices 

  • DS-9500 v1.16 Firmware (Windows)                    
    DS-9500 v1.16 Firmware (Mac)
    >> view Install help guide

    Important: The battery must be charged at least 60% in order to successfully load the firmware update.

    Please check the success of the firmware update in the device menu.
    This firmware includes the following improvements:
    • Improved the device charging specifications.
    • Enabled charging via USB even when the device in PIN Locked
    • Support to charge from USB AC
    • Removed confirmation screen "charge battery?" when charging via USB AC
    • Improved stability when charging from a PC
    • Fixed an issue when connecting to enterprise Wi-Fi
    • Added on-board editing functions for recording in MP3 with Type B and Type C slide switch mode
    • Fixed device freezing issues
    • Fixed an issue that the REW function may not function at the end of a file.
      Note: a full listing of previous Firmware updates and fixes available at

  • DS-9000 v1.07 Firmware Update (Windows)
    DS-9000 v1.07 Firmware Update (Mac)
    This firmware includes the following improvements:
    • Improved the device charging specifications.
    • Enables USB charging even if the device is in PIN Lock State
    • Improved charging from Low Battery
    • Removed the "Charge battery?" confirmation when charging via USB AC
    • Fixed an issued whereby the SD card may not be visible as a drive when connected to a Mac
    • Resolved an issue where the speaker and microphone may not work when connected to a Windows 10 PC
    • Fixed an issue where REW did not function at the end of a file
    • Changed the order of files to show in order of the Job number
    • Added support for continual recording in MP3 (Insert and overwrite are not supported)
    • Improved the stop position when stopping from Rev
    • Improved skipping to the beginning or end of the file when double pressing the REW or FF buttons
      Note: a full listing of previous Firmware updates and fixes available at

  • DS-7000 v2.01 Firmware Update (Windows)
    DS-7000 v2.01 Firmware Update (Mac)
    Fixes Issues:
    • Freezes, when a user executes the partial, erase for the 256-bit encryption file in QP mode.
    • Goes to the end of a file when a user executes REV skip at the beginning of a file.

  • DS-3500 v2.01 Firmware Update (Windows)
    DS-3500 v2.01 Firmware Update (Mac)
    Fixes Issues:
    • Fixes a freezing issue when partial erase is executed, under the recording condition 256 bit AES encryption and QP mode Freezes
  • RecMic Configuration Tool v1.1.0.0 (Windows) 
  • RecMic Configuration Tool v1.1.0.0 (Mac) 
    Firmware applies Models: RM-4000P / RM4010P / RM-4015P / RM-4100S / RM-4110S
    This update fixes a bug with the microphone not recording after the PC has restarted or recovered from sleep mode.

  • RecMic v1.2.0.0 (Windows) 
  • RecMic v1.2.0.0 (Mac) 
    Firmware applies to Models: DR-1200 / DR-2100 / DR-2200 / DR-2300
    This version further improves the Button Click Suppression feature, prevents unwanted button and slider movement noises being recorded.
    - Users of Voice Recognition will especially benefit from this update, by improved accuracy and voice recognition performance.
    - Enables programmatic firmware updates from the Audio SDK.
    - Enhances microphone characteristics to provide the highest Nuance “Dragon Score”.
    - Adds Click-Lock support.

  • RecMic Configuration Tool v1.01 (Windows) 
    Use this software to configure RecMic settings and assign functions like macros, keyboard shortcuts, text input and speech recognition commands that control third-party applications to RecMic buttons and controls. Device configuration and application control templates can be saved so settings can be replicated on other computers.
    This tool supports the following features:
    Device Configuration
    - Recording Mode Settings
    - Mouse Control Settings
    - Custom Keyboard Settings
    - Firmware Update
    - Other General Settings
    Application Control
    - Edit Command
    - Keyboard Templates
    Supported devices:
    RecMic II (RM) Series RM-4110S/RM-4100S/RM-4010P
    RecMic (DR) Series DR-2300/DR-2200/DR-2100/DR-1200
    Ver 1.01: Improved the stability of the software

  • Olympus Foot Switch Configuration Tool 
    This simple application is used to customise and assign custom keyboard shortcuts for third-party software to the new RS-28H & RS-31H USB Transcription Foot Switches.
    ** Do not install this program if using Olympus Transcription Module Software

    Other Notes:
    >> This application is only required when using the foot switch with third party / non-Olympus applications. 
    >> Older model RS-28 & RS-31 are not supported.