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For Business Professionals


Stylish and loaded with features

The DS-9000 Professional Dictation system is designed to dramatically increase efficiency and streamline operations in any professional environment.

Slide control, full editing and 256-bit File encryption for secure, peace of mind transfer of sensitive files.  Intelligent dual microphone for enhanced sound recording and optimum speech to text conversion when using Nuance Dragon Dictate. 

The DS-9000 is supplied with USB cable, lithium battery and ODMS R7 Dictation License Key.
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Enhanced Speed Recognition Accuracy by Intelligent Dual Microphone System

The DS-9500 incorporates low noise omnidirectional microphones and Shock Resistant Mounting which reduces "touch noise" from your hand.

Strong directionality is also achieved through the Intelligent Dual Microphone System which actively monitors and analyses the phase difference while recording. Users can choose three different modes, Dictation for Quiet Environment, Dictation for Noisy Environment and Conference Recording mode.


Professional quality studio recording built-in

The Triple-Layer Pop-Filter blocks 'wind noise' when talking into the microphones. Speech recognition accuracy is dependent on the signal-to-noise ratio of the recording, which means achieving clearer voice and lower noise are two key factors. The Beam Forming function works to suppress noise from surroundings, enhancing the voice. 

Click here to view a short video clip... you'll be impressed.

Efficient Workflow 

Share your dictation anytime, anywhere. 

An author who sends files to a "typist folder" managed in ODMS will automatically receive Transcription Status updates to their DS-9500.  For urgent work, a priority setting can be placed on the file prior to sending to ensure they are processed in the time frame required.

For Administrators, device configuration can be deployed wirelessly from the ODMS System Configuration Program (SCP).

Enhanced Security

The DS-9000 256-bit AES encryption system protects data from illegal access. 

Supported DSS pro recording format; this encryption standard meets the highest security standards as set by governments worldwide. 

In addition to securing the data, the DS-9000 has a device lock initiated by the author setting a 4 digit PIN code. 

Intuitive Controls

For busy professionals, the slide switch is the most important and used part of the recorder. The newly designed optical switch provides complete accuracy and ease of movement without over-extending the thumb.  It's robust, durable and designed to withstand the workplace demands. 



Shockproof body & alcohol wipe resistant body

Designed to withstand falls up to 1.5 meters dramatically enhances the lifespan of the DS-9500.  For the medical environment, the alcohol wipe resistance body is designed to withstand the rigours of  

Full Workflow Integration

Packaged with next-generation Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) R7 software and compatible with Nuance Dragon speech recognition software, the DS-9500 is designed to become an essential part of any environment. 



Olympus Web SCP 

IT Administrators can centrally manage licenses, workflow, and device configuration via a web browser, dramatically saving administrator and end-user time.  Almost no client-side configuration is required and the software if ready upon user launch.

ODMS workflow and device settings can be locked so organisations can implement a standard workflow for their dictation environment, ensuring total consistency and accuracy.  

Updating firmware and software can be easily controlled by the administrators. 

  • KP-30 micro USB Cable
  • LI-92B Lithium Battery (rechargeable)
  • CS-151 Carry Case
  • Olympus Dictation Management Software (ODMS) R7 Dictation  License Key 

Note: Pricing does not include installation and setup... these costs may be additional, please discuss with your provider.

RRP $599.00
RRP $699.00

        RRP $839.00

RRP $859.00
Software Supplied      DSS Player Standard     ODMS R7 DM License    ODMS R7 DM License     ODMS R7 DM License
Internal Memory (built-in) 2GB 2GB               2GB 2GB
Operation Slide Slide              Slide Slide
Docking Cradle (Rapid Charging/File Transfer) Optional Optional       CR-21 (Supplied)

CR-21 (Supplied) 

PC Connection USB USB                USB USB / WiFi
Auto Firmware Updates (via software)   Yes                Yes Yes
Reconfigurable Firmware   Yes                Yes Yes
Network Path Setup Multiple Locations Multiple Locations        Multiple Locations Multiple Locations
WiFi compatible       Yes
Dual Microphone System (noise reduction) Yes Yes                  Yes Yes
Motion Sensor   Yes                  Yes Yes
Author ID x1 10 via PC            10 via PC 10 via PC
Work Type Setup   Yes               Yes Yes
Insert Comment on File   Yes               Yes Yes
New File "Button" Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Edit Files Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Conference Setting Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Dictate Setting Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Priority Setting   Yes               Yes Yes
File Encryption   Yes               Yes Yes
Device Lock via Pin Code   Yes               Yes Yes
Programmable Buttons   Yes x3             Yes x3 Yes x3
Index Marking Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Auto Email Integration   Yes               Yes Yes
Maximum Record Time 306 hours 306 hours          306 hours 306hrs
Hold / Transit Lock Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Record Indicator Light Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Folders 5 7                 7 7
Battery Meter Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Battery Charge (Internal) Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Microphone Settings Hi/Mid/Low Hi/Mid/Low          Hi/Mid/Low Hi/Mid/Low/Auto
VCVA Voice Activation Yes Yes               Yes Yes
End Alarm Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Adjustable Playback Speed Yes Yes               Yes Yes
Foot Control Optional Optional           Optional Optional
Microphone Jack 3.5mm 3.5mm            3.5mm 3.5mm
Earphone Jack 3.5mm 3.5mm            3.5mm 3.5mm
Weight (batteries included) 116.5g 116.5g            116.5g 116.5g
Battery Supplied Li-92B Lithium-ion Rechargeable Li-92B Lithium-ion Rechargeable     Li-92B Lithium-ion
Li-92B Lithium-ion Rechargeable
Carry Case Supplied Yes Yes              Yes Yes
Size: H x W x D (mm) 120mmx49mmx18mm 120mmx49mmx18mm    120mmx49mmx18mm 120mmx49mmx18mm