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Thank you for contacting us for technical support.

We will contact you soon.

About our Tech Support

Our Customer Services team are here to help and guide you through the process of resolving any technical issues you may have.
Our priority is to ensure your Olympus product performs and provides the functionality and services it's designed to do, to its specifications.

Over the years we have amassed an extensive "in-house" knowledge database - this now extends to include online access to works directly with Olympus Japan to provide unparalleled technical support for Olympus Professional Dictation. Located in Europe, this site provides online and "subscription services" i.e. paid support to the European region.  So whilst NZ customers can access information online, all Tech Support enquiries must be logged through our services contact us

Hardware & Software Installations:  It should be noted that the purchase price of your Olympus Digital Voice Recorder and/or software does not include installation and configuration.  These are normally an additional cost and should be discussed at the time of purchase. 

Chargeable Tech Support

If you require assistance to install or reinstall your Olympus software, please contact your in-house or contracted IT support.  If they are unable to assist, then we can provide these services by either recommending an authorised and knowledgable Olympus partner or handling your request in-house... it's your choice. 

Our set hourly rate is $120+gst (chargeable in 10minute increments) 
This means the small jobs are not overcharged and we can truly provide a "pay as you need" service.

Existing Customer and Current Account Holder
You will be asked to provide an Order Number and confirmation that you have authority for services to be invoiced to your account.